Forms – Export A Spreadsheet Of Certificate Holders And Property Interests

The list of certificate holders and property interests assigned to a certificate can be exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet of certificate holders and property interests includes the interest fax number, email address, and all risk properties for the interest.

Export a spreadsheet of certificate holders and property interests

  1. Open a certificate of insurance.
  2. Select Other -> Print Selected Holders.
  3. Choose the desired holders by selecting the individual check boxes, selecting “Check All / Uncheck All”, or by right-clicking and selecting “Check Holders with / without email”.
    Spreadsheet of Certificate Holders
    Export a spreadsheet of certificate holders
  4. Select Export to create the spreadsheet.
    Spreadsheet of certificate holders
    Spreadsheet of certificate holders
  5. Select Print or Save As within Microsoft Excel.

“The System Is So Simple, It Is Unusually Faster”

“The system is so simple, it is unusually faster.”

I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed working with you to learn the Newton system and automate our agency.

Because we are a small commercial agency we get frequent request for certificates. Because the system is so simple it is usually faster to do a COI request than sending my CSR an email.

As you know we are training a new CSR and a question came from an account with a problem accessing the My Insurance Dashboard. One of the support team, Jennifer, researched the problem, found the answer and even called our customer to make sure they had current login information.

That is going the extra mile.

Thanks for what you are doing and we look forward to many years working together.
Conroe, TX
Agency Systems Customer Since 2012

Automatically Create Trust Accounting Reports

The reconciliation functions in Newton provide the ability to generate reports from the archive of processed items. The reconciliation functions can also be configured to automatically create and store .PDF copies of the trust accounting reports as each item is processed.

Automatically create trust accounting reports

The .PDF copies of the automatic trust accounting reports can be stored on the various attachment bands within Newton (Client Tab -> Attachments, Company Tab -> Attachments), or externally in a user-specified folder.

  • Reconcile Producer Payables can optionally email the producer’s .PDF report in addition to placing the .PDF archive in the user-specified Archive folder.
  • These settings apply to both individual reconciles and Batch Reconcile Company/Producer Payables.
  • The automatic actions do not require any additional steps, clicks, or prompts during processing.
Automatically Create Trust Accounting Reports
Automatically Create Trust Accounting Reports
Reconcile functions with automatic actions:
  • Bank Deposit Wizard
  • Bank Reconcile
  • Client Receivables
  • Company Payables
  • Company Receivables
  • Producer Payables (Includes .PDF or email)

Configure invoice reconcile actions

  1. Select AP -> Reconcile Payables.
  2. Select Other -> Select Actions When Reconcile Completes…
  3. Check to enable or disable the different report options. If Save report to archive is selected for any option, select the desired Archive Folder.
    Configure Automatic Actions
    Configure Automatic Actions

    (Each Newton user can have a different archive folder, providing the option to store the files in a secure local folder on the workstation.)

  4. Select OK.

“Without Her, We Would Not Have Achieved Our Desired Goals”

“Without her, we would not have achieved our desired goals.”

Dear Manager,

Jennifer is a very skilled and knowledgeable employee. Without her assistance we could not have accomplished the key goals of correcting several problems.
In addition to correcting the problems, she assisted in ways to allow us up to be more efficient and eliminate potential errors and problems with our clients.

We had a difficult project that was trying, tedious, and in some areas led us to uncharted territory.
She patiently helped to push through some rather large obstacles.
Without her, we would not have achieved our desired goals.
In my 40 + years in the insurance business, I have never encountered a non-insurance person who could grasp the accounting side of premiums and commissions,
not to mention various computer programs.

I am so appreciative for all of her assistance and guidance.

She is extremely valuable. I am greatly impressed with all that she brings to the table.

Thank you!

Berryville, VA
Agency Systems Client Since 2016

Where Will Your Management System Be In 30 Years?

Where will your management system be in 30 years? Agency Systems developed our first management software system in 1987 and have been under the same ownership since. While other vendors have come and gone, we thrived by embracing the technology employed by Fortune 1000 companies rather than expedient and least expensive development alternatives.  

The Newton development team is finalizing our latest version having updated all of our development frameworks with the latest technology available. This new release not only provides you the solid automation platform you can depend on for decades, but ensures you the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Where will your management system be in 30 years?

To illustrate the how we carry our technology forward, see below images of our first DOS system in 1987 and our 2017 release, up to date with the latest technology in the industry.

Where will your management system be in 30 years?
Empire – 1990s
Agency Solution - 2001
Agency Solution – 2001
Agency Systems - 2011
Agency Systems – 2011

What is new for 2017?

Newton by Agency Systems has been enhanced with a modern design and streamlined category-based menu system. The updated interface provides easy access to common functions, and leverages informational dashboards as sub-tabs to provide an efficient multi-tasking environment.

Newton by Agency Systems -2017
Newton by Agency Systems -2017
Newton Main Menu - 2017
Newton Main Menu – 2017
Client Dashboard With Sub-Tabs
Client Dashboard With Sub-Tabs

Forms – Keyboard and Data Entry Shortcuts

Creating ACORD forms with Newton presents the user with an interactive entry view of the ACORD form. This view removes the confusion with risk entry screens, since the user does not have to determine which risk field will populate a corresponding field on the final form. Some ACORD forms contain hundreds of entry fields, with options to import data from driver, equipment, property, or vehicle schedules. Newton has been updated with improved visibility and new keyboard and data entry shortcuts, resulting in easier page navigation and more efficient data entry.

Better Visibility – Button Color Design

With each release of Newton, visibility updates are executed based on design changes in Microsoft Windows. Microsoft has implemented a more modern, flat design for the operating system, including how buttons are displayed.

Buttons within forms now have color to assist with visual identification within a complex ACORD form.

Button Color Design
Button Color Design

Keyboard and Data Entry Shortcuts

New keyboard shortcuts have been added to the forms entry interface for quickly moving up and down the page. In addition, a new <CTRL + TAB> option is available to jump to the top of the next page. The new shortcuts allow the operator to quickly navigate without taking their hands off of the keyboard.

  • PgUp – Move page upward and move tab location.
  • PgDown – Move page down and move tab location.
  • Ctrl-PgUp – Move to top of page and first tab location.
  • Ctrl-PgDown – Move to bottom of page and last tab location.
  • Ctrl-Tab – Move to next page and pop to top and first tab location.
  • Ctrl-Shift-Tab – Move to previous page and pop to top and first tab location.
  • Shift-PgDown – Move forward 10 tab spots, if that moves to next page then turn page and select first tab stop.
  • Shift-PgUp – Move backward 10 tab spots, if that moves to previous page then turn page and select last tab stop.

A number of ACORD forms now contain data entry shortcut buttons for question pages to “mark all answers no”. Selecting the data entry shortcut button will place a ‘N’ for each question within the section. Some forms have multiple buttons, one for each section, such as the ACORD 83 Personal Umbrella Application.

Keyboard and Data Entry Shortcuts
Keyboard and Data Entry Shortcuts

Property Location Description

The Property Schedule can now import the property address into the location description field. The location description field is located on a number of certificates to display location information for property interests.

Import Property Location Description
Import Property Location Description

The location description field is also populated automatically by download for new properties, or existing properties if empty.

Forms – Quickly Find and Select the Right Form

The library of different ACORD forms available can make the process of selecting the correct form difficult. The Newton new form window provides a number of ways to filter the list of forms quickly, allowing you to find and select the right form.

Find and Select the Right Form

The list can be filtered by typing the name of a form, or the number of a form. For example “truck” for trucking application, or “25” for the ACORD 25 Certificate of Liability.

  • The entered filter can be viewed in the title bar of the window.
  • To clear the filter, press <backspace>.
Find and Select the Right Form
New Form – Type to filter list

New Features For 2017

As part of the Newton 2017 update, the new form window has been enhanced with a few additional features. The new form window now displays a date column by default, providing an easier way to select legacy forms as needed. There is also a checkbox to show hidden and replaced forms, such as expired versions that have been replaced with newer revisions.

The new form window is displayed from many locations in the system, including the updated standard menus included with the Newton 2017 update.

Policy Dashboard – Create Item
Policy Dashboard – Create Item
Policy & Billing – Create or View Item
Policy & Billing – Create or View Item

“Closing The Year Is Four Times Faster”

“Closing the year is four times faster”

Hi Friend! Thank you so much for checking on us and offering help and training. Just don’t know anyone quite like YOUALL!

We’re doing fine and we closed the year, again – “with the greatest of ease”! Closing December and then the year with Newton is four times faster than our old Vertafore system. Also, our year end reports use about one-third the amount of paper compared to the old system.

We are ever so pleased with The Newton System AND IT’S PEOPLE! Take care and the Best to you,

Texarkana, AR
Agency Systems Client Since 2014

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