Don’t put up with missing sales because of simple oversights like no email address for your contact. If you’re a manager that has signed into AMI recently, you may have noticed a new card on your dashboard. Our new Lost Opportunities section surfaces any missing info for your contacts so that there’s no sales stone unturned.


Screenshot of Access My Insurance Lost Opportunities Dashboard for Managers


Edit Contact Information In a Few Simple Clicks

With the new Lost Opportunities card on your dashboard you can easily find contacts with a missing email address, date of birth, cell phone number, and more. Access My Insurance has a simple and intuitive interface that makes updating your customer information a breeze.

Access My Insurance is fully integrated with Newton which means that all contact edits are logged and updated in Newton immediately. Because of this, there is no need to update in multiple places. Also, if/when you need a report, all data is still exportable to Excel.


advanced customer edit contact


No More Missing Sales Because of Bounced Emails

Bad emails are just as harmful as missing emails. With our Communications platform, you can easily view bounced email addresses from all of your email communications.  With this tool AMI makes you feel confident that your customers won’t miss any vital touchpoints from your agency.



Not an AMI Customer Yet?

If you haven’t moved over to AMI yet, this is one of the many improvements and features offered to you. Learn more today and try our live demo to see how AMI can help you run your agency more efficiently and grow exponentially. Contact us today and we can help answer any questions or get you started.