Do you know the value of having online payments available to your customers? You’re a savvy business owner, so of course you do. The problem is that it’s not integrated with the rest of the tools you’ve come to rely on. However, we now have a better solution for you. Access My Insurance has teamed up with ePayPolicy to offer online payments through our online portal. 

computer mock up of access my insurance customer detail payments

A More Robust All-In-One Solution

With AMI, we offer solutions to automated marketing, a branded online customer portal, and intelligent data & analytics. In our constant efforts to help your independent agency thrive, we now offer integrated online payments within AMI.

This is your one stop shop for agency management, marketing, and customer relationship building. That being said, forcing your customer to use a different product for their online payments can be cumbersome and sometimes even confusing. 

With AMI and ePayPolicy, we now give you the ability to offer more to your customer all within their online portal. Instead of making your customers create another username and password, let them make payments in the same place that all their policy information lives.


Manage Info & Payments In One Place

Will all your customer data in one place, agents can quickly and easily view a customer’s payments right alongside their policy information.  They can request new payments from a customer and even give the payment a due date saving them invaluable time.

Customers get the benefit of storing payment methods and viewing their payment activity. This makes it easier on the customer and ultimately on you. So, what’s not to like?


Set Up Your Online Payments Today

To learn more about ePayPolicy, fill out this form. To get started with AMI online payments, contact our support team and we will walk you through the simple process.