What are some of the biggest challenges facing insurance agencies?


Digital transformation

Digital evolution is unavoidable as filing cabinets become obsolete. Embracing technological practices within the agency is essential. Despite the growth opportunities offered by new technological advancements, reconsidering conventional practices and providing guidance to policyholders and employees can pose a challenge. AMI is rapidly advancing to automate how you connect with policyholders.


Elevating policyholder experiences to match changing expectations

The traditional Monday to Friday business hours may no longer meet the needs of most policyholders. Through AMI’s customer portal, you can empower customers with self-service options, secure access to policy documents, and the ability to download Certificates of Insurance at their convenience.


Empowering employees with updated digital skills

As technology evolves, insurance agents and staff may need new skill sets and ongoing support to thrive. Offering opportunities for workplace learning and development is increasingly essential.


Our focus is to equip you with the essential tools needed not just to maintain success but to flourish and thrive in the current insurance market.


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