With Thanksgiving on the horizon, we wanted to show you our gratitude. Check out our revamped messaging and texting features in AMI. They are now more powerful and easier to use than a turkey baster—and have a much lower risk of burns. With all the holiday travels, being able to stay in touch with your customers is a top priority. Now it will also be an intuitive, secure, and may we say.. fun(!) experience.


screenshot of access my insurance messages


Why Use Messaging and Texting with AMI?

According to the Mobile Marketing Watch, text messages have a 98% open rate in comparison to the paltry 20% open rate of emails. With this, when there is something urgent to communicate, texting is the way to go.

Unfortunately, texting isn’t the place to send and receive secure documents or communications, so you need a solution for both situations. This is where our secure messaging comes in to save the day. (It’s just like that aunt that always brings an extra pie knowing the kids appetites have grown over the last year.)

Sending secure documents and messages are no problem for AMI. Secure messages require customers to log into their password encrypted Access My Insurance portal to view the message contents. This provides a level of security not found in texting or basic email. 

With the latest enhancements, you can now see all correspondence between your agency and a customer easily. Our new Correspondence card (located on the customer dashboard), highlights not only secure messages and texts, but also any marketing communications and emails.

On top of all of this, both texting and secure messaging reduce your E&O exposure by having all your customer communications logged and recorded.


screenshot of access my insurance texting


Get Access to Everything You Need with AMI

Instead of piecemealing programs together to get all the features you want, just use AMI! With Access My Insurance, all your customer communications and contact can be done in one place without bouncing around to different systems. AMI comes out of the box with texting capabilities already connected to your existing data. No need to add a clunky 3rd-party texting integration.

Sign in today and check out our new messaging and texting updates in Access My Insurance! Contact our support team with any questions and we will be happy to help.

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