Policy Download is viewable in Access My Insurance

Brand new from AMI! We have launched our advanced policy download viewer so you can see all of the important policy details downloaded from your carriers.


  • Agency users can service policies without having to go to the carriers websites or your management system.
  • It uses the downloads you process daily, so there’s no additional steps on your part, completely hands free!
  • Designed in an easy-to-use expandable format similar to Newton, but available to you now on the web.
  • The feature is soon to be available for your customers through the AMI client portal and mobile app. Imagine your own agency branded mobile app for client communications, document delivery and Dec page view of their policies!


E-Signature Enhancements

One of our most popular features in AMI is e-signatures, and we’ve recently added some cool user improvements and features.

  • Filtering options for e-signature statuses.
  • Ability to see only your documents.
  • Improvements to E-Signature Templates.
  • Start an e-signature document from the Customer Dashboard using the contact options menu.


If your office is currently not using AMI, you are missing out! Contact us for more information at Live Demo today!