Real-Time Graphs and Charts

Real-time data allows you to get an accurate, up-to-date view of the agency’s performance. By using the key performance indicators (KPI’s) included in Access My Insurance, you are able to monitor the agency’s growth through easy-to- read graphs and charts for revenue, production, and retention trends at a glance.


  • Monitor top selling producers, policy counts, types of policies being written, and what carriers policies are being placed with
  • Track agency trends for retention, production, revenues, with various filtering capabilities
  • Comparative views for previous accounting periods
  • Save filtered report views for for your most commonly used reports


Lost Opportunities

Don’t miss sales because of incomplete or missing customer contact information. Marketing to existing or potential clients relies on up-to-date contact information. AMI will display contacts with missing data and allows you to edit the contact on-the-fly!

Commonly missed sales opportunities:

  • Invalid or no email address
  • Missing birthdays
  • No cellphone number

If your office is currently not using AMI, you are missing out!  Contact us for more information at or try a Live Demo today!