Dashboard Tab – User Favorites List

The user Dashboard Tab was introduced with the July 2013 update to Newton by Agency Systems. The Dashboard Tab was designed to allow the user to work “To Do” items and perform policy service from one central location. All items contained on a user’s Dashboard Tab are specific to the current operator, providing a focused experience without the requirement of running traditional printed reports.

The Dashboard Tab has been enhanced with each release to provide additional features and functionality. The latest version of the user Dashboard Tab includes the enhanced tabbed interface. The new interface includes a fully customizable user favorites list for common reports such as the balance sheet, or other menu items such as reconcile receivables or payables.

Dashboard Tab Favorites

Adding items to the user favorites list is easy.

  1. Select Favorites -> Edit List to choose the desired menu options.
  2. Double-click on each menu to add it to the user favorites list on the left.
  3. Highlight a specific item and select Up or Down to update the order of the list.
  4. When finished, select Save.

Dashboard Tab Edit Favorites

The customized user favorites list is now available from the user Dashboard Tab, providing an even better user-focused method for working within your management system.

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Enhanced Tabbed Interface

Newton by Agency Systems now features an enhanced tabbed interface providing additional customization, flexibility, and control for the primary data dashboards.

The primary navigation for Newton by Agency Systems has contained a number of static navigation tabs for many years. Over time the capabilities for each of the tabs have been enhanced, but the same static number of tabs has remained constant.

Many tabs contained sub-tabs to separate different data views, such as expired policies, accounting, attachments, and download. The sub-tabs have been located at the bottom of the primary tabs, and have often displayed information in a more basic list view compared to the comprehensive band view available on the primary tabs.

Customized Tab Count

The enhanced tabbed interface provides users with the ability to control the number of active tabs, similar to tabs in a web browser. In addition to the Client and Company Tab changes, the new Policy Express dashboard and Diary windows now open as full screen tabs.


More than four Client Tabs can now be opened simultaneously, or closed entirely when finished.


The updated Company Tab can be opened and closed just like the Client Tab, with multiple company tabs allowed at once for the first time.


A new Vendor Tab is also available for the first time, with the same customization options available to the Company and Client Tabs.


Easier to Access Sub-Tabs

The Client, Policy Express, Company, Vendor and Management Tabs each contain sub-tabs that are now easier to access. The sub-tabs have been moved universally to the top of the screen, providing a consistent and efficient way to switch between the different data categories.


A new consolidated Vendor sub-tab is now available within the Management Tab.


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Introducing Voucher Invoices

Expense accounting with Newton by Agency Systems has been revamped this year by introducing voucher invoices – a simple and user-friendly way to track and pay a variety of agency bills and expenditures.

Creating a Voucher

A voucher is a non-policy related invoice with expense distributions, typically recorded to the “vendor payable” general ledger account. Entering the distributions for a vendor payable invoice has never been easier. The universal drop-down lists used to select general ledger accounts do not require any knowledge of existing general ledger codes. Simply enter the name of the account, and the drop-down list will automatically filter and display the items with partial or complete matches.


Paying a Voucher

Voucher invoices are created when an expense is received, and can be paid immediately or at a later date.


Since the payment is now separated from the expense entry, multiple voucher invoices can be paid with a single EFT or printable check. This enables an unlimited number of expense distributions and voucher invoice descriptions to be included with a single entry.


Using a Voucher Template

Voucher templates simplify recurring expense entries, and are now more efficient and easier to update on-the-fly. After a template has been created, just enter a vendor code and select the saved voucher template from the next drop-down list.


After selecting the template, all of the stored general ledger distributions and amounts will display. To update a value, simply change the dollar amount – no need to re-enter any of the values for that expense.

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