Our December Newsletter includes information about our year-end process template, including how to close the books, and our marketing strategies for growing your agency.


Are you ready to close the books on 2021?

Did you know that Newton Events comes with a Year-End Process template? Don’t miss a step in finalizing your accounting for the end of the year! Once the month is closed, using Automatic Reports quickly allows you to print and save a copy of each monthly recommended report.

To schedule training or get more information on these features, email us at support@agencysystems.com.


Are you ready to see a boost in your bottom line in the New Year?

Grow your agency effortlessly with Access My Insurance! If 9 out of 10 agency marketing solutions fail, how do you ensure your efforts are successful?

AMI checks all the boxes for the must-have marketing strategies for insurance agents:

  • Set goals for growth
  • Ask existing customers for referrals
  • Stay in front of your customers with agency-branded emails for birthdays and renewal notices
  • Setup cross-selling campaigns
  • Offer customers an on-demand customer mobile app for 24/7 access to their policies and secure documents
  • Track every piece of business from new policies to retained policies

New to Agency Systems?

Agency Systems provides insurance agencies of all sizes with reliable, full-featured insurance agency management software systems for commercial and personal lines, retail agencies, brokers, and general agencies.

Our Goal is to help you run your agency better. We do this by helping you get more customers, keep customers longer, and selling more policies. Growth is the number one priority for any agency, and our all-in-one solution provides all the capabilities you need to manage your agency. Let us help you connect with your customers with little effort on your part.

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