Getting a quote for your customer doesn’t need to be a frustration any longer. Along with Access My Insurance (AMI)’s many other features, you can now use our quote sheet directly in AMI to enter customer data without having to go back to the office. No more getting information and going back to the office to input it. No more missing out on potential sales because someone else beat you to it. You’ll be able to serve your customer better and faster. Isn’t that what everyone wants?


ami quote tool video

Save Time

One of the biggest issues with your old quoting workflow is the amount of time it takes. No more writing out information, going back and forth to the office, hoping the customer doesn’t find someone else who can find them a quote quicker. Don’t you just want to go get a milkshake or something instead? We all know that holding someone’s attention can be difficult in this instant gratification age. According to HubSpot, “it’s gotten so bad that our attention spans have, on average, shrunk to 8.25 seconds – that’s short than a goldfish.”

Instead of doing double duty writing things down by hand then re-entering data back in the office, we have a better solution. With AMI you’re able to enter data right into your portal. Because AMI is fully in sync with Newton, all relevant quote data is available in Newton immediately. This streamline your process, but it saves valuable time for you and your customer. 



Every time you get a quote for a customer you are writing down sensitive information that you are now responsible for. The ability to enter their information directly into AMI means there aren’t any papers floating around with this data. Not only does it make the process of getting a quote quicker, but your customers can be assured that their information is safe. They don’t have to worry about their personal information getting lost or in the hands of someone other than their agent. Have some fries with that milkshake knowing that your work has been done efficiently and securely with AMI.


Set Your Producers Free

Our quoting tool will allow your producers to have the flexibility and autonomy they need to really shine. AMI saves them time and potential data entry errors. It cuts down on the tools they use and makes them more efficient, allowing them more time to earn you more business. It allows them to show your customer that you are shopping their options without partiality. This instills trust that you are helping them choose the best plan for them with the lowest rates.


In conclusion

Our new quote sheet is one of the many tools available to you on AMI that can help you grow your business. We are always looking for ways to improve our product so that we can help you be the successful agency you’re capable of being. If you have any questions or want to learn about more of the features in AMI that will help you run your agency better, contact us today!