Our February Newsletter highlights the most recent AMI improvements and updates added recently. Sign in and take a look around!


Have you logged into Access My Insurance (AMI) lately? 

We are aggressively adding functionality to AMI every day, and encourage you to log in frequently to look around!

Here are a few of the enhancements in AMI deployed just this last week:

  • Lost Opportunities: We’ve added listings of all customers and contacts in Newton by CSR and Producer, identifying any that do not have valid emails and/or birthdays.  Any successful agency branding and cross-selling strategy are dependent on accurate electronic contact information. Don’t miss out on these sales growth opportunities.  Cross-selling and branding cost you nothing because it’s hands-free with AMI.  All you need are up-to-date email addresses to watch your business GROW!
  • E-Signature Templates: Our E-Signature templates are a huge time saver. They allow you to include any specific agency or carrier forms necessary for applications for signatures.  Just add the form once and it will be available to all agency users as needed for any recipient.
  • Navigation Changes: Across the board changes for all AMI dashboards surfaces your information for agency users and customers alike.  No need to search! All your information is right in front of you, so everything is only a click away.  Take a quick tour if you haven’t already. You will be amazed by the ease of use and access to information at your fingertips.
  • Fillable Quote Sheets: Gather data quicky and accurately for improved prospect quoting and adding business for your existing customers. Using the submission function in AMI gives you the underwriting templates you need so you can quote with confidence.

To schedule training or get more information on these AMI improvements, email us at support@agencysystems.com.


What’s in the AMI forecast?

Our next big event is adding your customer’s key policy information direct from your carrier, including one-click Auto ID cards.  Your CSRs and Clients will have no need to visit your carrier web sites just to view policy information.  With AMI it is on your Mobile App and Client Dashboard 24/7, reinforcing your agency brand every day, not your insurance company.

If you have not added Access My Insurance, try a live demo today!

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