Our September Newsletter includes information on our Facebook community, and retention and analytics tools.


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We believe strong partnerships are the foundation for successful growth!

We want to set you up for success not only by the products we offer, but also provide a place to collaborate with other agencies, swap ideas about workflows, brainstorm marketing strategies, and more with other Newton customers.

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Are You Effectively Tracking Your Agency’s Retention?

Building customer loyalty to your agency and brand is one of the easiest ways keep customers longer and cross-sell them more policies. Having the tools on hand to track retention is imperative. It will help you understand if the marketing efforts you have in place, are effective and aligned with your policy retention.

Using Newton with Access My Insurance (AMI) not only gets you an integrated automated marketing solution, but will provide you with at-a-glance financial reports that allow you to see financial trends of premium, commission, as well as track retention!

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New to Agency Systems?

Agency Systems provides insurance agencies of all sizes with reliable, full-featured insurance agency management software systems for commercial and personal lines, retail agencies, brokers, and general agencies.

Our Goal is to help you run your agency better. We do this by helping you get more customers, keep customers longer, and selling more policies. Growth is the number one priority for any agency, and our all-in-one solution provides all the capabilities you need to manage your agency. Let us help you connect with your customers with little effort on your part.

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