Want $50,000? What about $300,000? More? With Access My Insurance (AMI), we take care of the tasks that add that much or more to your bottom line. This isn’t just another agency marketing program, Access My Insurance (AMI) helps you to grow your agency automatically.

Did you know 9 out of 10 agency marketing initiatives fail? The reason is simple, they are not sustainable for the normal agency with a normal staff.

“I’ve learned it’s the important little baby steps, which teach us how to grow. Moving up just one small notch will help us more than we know.”

-Tom Baker

AMI manages renewal, Medicare, and retirement notifications, makes cross-selling automatic, and provides the means to acquire reviews and referrals. It keeps up with holiday hours, greetings, birthdays, and anything else you need to stay in touch with your customers. It is all ready to go day-one and requires no effort on your part. Our Ready-Made Email Library of carefully curated content keeps you connected with customers so you are on top of important retention and net-new business opportunities.

Did you know…

“Independent insurance agents who average two or more contacts per year with their customers are growing 55% more than their counterparts who are not making contact with their customers.”

-Property Casualty360 

Insurance is very personal, and your customers will be able to rest easy knowing your agency is taking care of everything. You will be able to build and nurture your relationships without your staff being spread paper thin. AMI is working 24/7 behind the scenes to be sure you are adding more customers, keeping them longer, and selling them more policies, all while bringing your agency brand new life.

Did you know…

“The average family has 4 insurance policies, but the average agency writes only 1.3 policies per family.”

– MacNeill Group

With numbers like these, you have untapped income sitting right under your roof. Now is the time to focus on cross-selling. AMI makes this completely automatic and doesn’t require anything on your part. Our Ready-Made Emails are complete with quality messaging, professionally branding your agency and insuring you get the first crack at their other business.

AMI also includes a Mobile App with your agency logo as well as a Secure Client Portal to reinforce your agency brand. Your agency will look better, communicate better, and perform better than your competitors.


The Results Speak For Themselves

With quality customer contact, renewal notifications and cross-selling opportunities, your bottom line will grow exponentially without you touching a thing. Check out the illustration below, plug in your agency numbers and see how your bottom line will grow.

The example below shows an agency with a book of $1mil, a minimal gain in retention of only 1% and net-new business of only half of 1%. With a result of over $85,000 in 10 years, imagine what would happen when retention and net-new business is increased 2 or 3 times that with AMI?

Take a look yourself. Enter your agency’s data to see how much money you could be leaving on the table!

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