Is your agency on track to make 2021 financial goals?

As families prepare for back-to-school, August can be a slow month for many businesses. Take advantage of this time and think about how you can drive your agency forward for the rest of the year and make those financial goals.


Review your sales for the year so far. 

  • Are there improvements you can make now to increase your sales and keep year-end sales goals?
  • Are you consistently in contact with your clients with high quality messaging from your agency?
  • Are you consistently and effectively cross-selling to customers, trying to win back lost clients, and asking for referrals?
  • Do your clients have access to their policies 24/7 on a mobile app?
  • Are you flexible enough for employees to work remotely if need be?

Put a solution in place today to check all these boxes and more to be prepared for the busy months ahead!

Access My Insurance (AMI) will start working for your agency day one with ready-made marketing emails. We have curated the AMI platform to meet the needs of every user type, offering flexibility for customers, producers, CSRs and managers.

Will your office be closed for Labor Day?

If you already have Access My Insurance, an office closure notification for Labor Day is provided! Simply log in as an admin user, go to Notifications List, select status created email notifications. Find the Closed for Labor Day message, and from there, you’ll Edit, set the Date and Save & Send. It’s that easy to email all your active Newton contacts!

Bring your brand to life with Access My Insurance and contact sales at 800.990.1983 today.