Hold the phone. No really… Hold that smartphone in your hand and download our AMI app available for both Apple and Android users now! If you’re an Access My Insurance (AMI) customer already, this mobile app is going to open up your business horizons in just a few taps. Our world is becoming increasingly mobile-oriented with every passing day. Because of this, providing access to agents and customers on their phones is imperative. The AMI app is one of many tools that we offer to help bring your agency brand to life.

AMI Mobile App Screenshots

The Mobile App Landscape is Growing

According to Future Mind, around 4 billion people have smartphones. They are averaging 3.7 hours of use a day on their device. This is an incredible amount of attention devoted to a device that sends immediate notifications and lives in your pocket. Starting to see the possibilities? No? Then let’s expand. Six in ten smartphone users prefer using an app for finances instead of the mobile version of a site. Within the insurance sector, 40% of insurance research time is spent on mobile devices. Having a branded mobile app is not just an added bonus, it’s the way to ensure you meet the expectations of your current and prospective customers.

Think about when cars were introduced to the general public. Sure, at first not everyone had one. They were expensive and other transportation was still a viable option. The infrastructure of roads and cities weren’t quite ready to adopt them as commonplace. Now fast forward to our modern era. The idea of owning a horse and buggy, although novel, is quite impractical. Especially when you compare that to the myriad of other transportation options available to you.

Although this is a bit of hyperbole, we are in a similar type of digital advancement. Smartphone use and technology is ever increasing. Although a few years ago it may have been convenient to have a mobile app for your agency, it definitely was not necessary. Now, however, if you don’t have one it would be like trotting along in a carriage smelling horse manure while you watch every type of plane, train, and automobile pass you by. Gross.

A Mobile App to Benefit Your Agency

So now that we are on the same page, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. How will having a mobile app benefit your agency specifically? This isn’t just a way to stick with the trends and advancements in technology. There are some major benefits that you will see immediately when using our app.

Just like our Newton software helps you to streamline workflows and automate processes, our app adds another layer of increased productivity to your agency. The messaging center allows an agent to communicate immediately and directly with their customer. When a message is sent, the customer will receive a push notification right to their home screen. This means most problems can be taken care of quickly and from the comfort of your desk instead of wasting time with unnecessary in-person meetings. It allows agents to send paperwork directly to the customer’s portal safely and securely. No printer needed, just get your documents signed, sealed, and delivered within a matter of minutes.

Increased Access and Ease For Your Customers

By sending a message to the customer you can link to quotes, policy guides, documents, or anything you need them to have access to. They can take care of many tasks without contacting the agent. This decreases unnecessary conversations and eliminates time wasted on communicating redundant information. You’ll have extra time on your hands to focus on growing your agency and establishing meaningful relationships.

Customers expect access to everything via their smartphone, so meeting that expectation increases loyalty to your agency. Think of it from the customer’s perspective. They picked you out of any other agency to provide their insurance, but aren’t blind to what other companies are advertising. They want the ability to get quotes, review policy limits, and have a direct connection to their agent. Instead of making them jump through hoops, you can have one place for them to access everything. This eliminates their frustration and brings transparency to their relationship with you. Your relationship with them is more valuable as they know they have all the information they need right in their pocket. This assures them that you’ll be there in the moments they need you most.

Another Powerful Tool in Your Agency’s Toolbox

We take the hard work out of it for you so you don’t have to think about how to create or manage an app. We are constantly improving and adding new features to keep your agency in the game. Increase productivity and workflow within your agency, and connect in a more meaningful and timely way with customers. What are you waiting for? Download the new AMI mobile app today.

If you’d like to hear more about our mobile app or how to get started, call our incredible customer support staff now. We are standing by to help you succeed. If you’re not already an AMI or Newton customer then keep that phone out and dial us up. We would love to tell you how Newton by Agency Systems can help you run your agency better and bring your agency brand to life.