Are you looking for an easy way to connect with customers before they pack up and head to the Catskills for the summer? Get them ready for their trip by using AMI’s marketing trigger to talk about a specific policy that might be right for them. You can specify all clients who don’t have a watercraft or RV policy for example, and use our marketing triggers to suggest it to them before they go. Show them you’re concerned for their welfare and their fun in the sun too, because nobody puts Baby in a corner.

What is Trigger Marketing?

We’ve all seen them in our inbox. The welcome email, the “you left something in your cart” email, and so on. Trigger marketing refers to messages or notifications that are sent as a response to an action or event. In all customer-to-business relationships, these types of communications are vital in building and maintaining relationships. It reassures your customers that you’re on top of things. It also shows them that you’re looking to care for their interests too.

Let’s be honest, if you sign up for something and don’t get an email to confirm it, did it even happen? There are many key moments of communication like this that customers come to expect. In addition to this though, there are many more opportunities to connect that you may be missing out on. 

This isn’t about sending out an email every day or setting up long, drawn-out campaigns. This is about showing your customers that engagement from you provides value to them. In fact, even having single-message triggers like a welcome or thank you email has a 98.39% open rate and 37.26% click-through rate. With the general marketing emails in the United States falling at around a 17.34% open rate, those are some promising numbers.

Triggers aren’t just about the pleasantries though. They focus on many key moments like new registration, website engagement, purchase follow up, cross-selling, reactivation, and more. This allows you to have automatic engagement with your customers while being able to run the other intricacies of your agency. 

Why is Automated Trigger Marketing Valuable to You?

You have plenty of things to think through when running an agency, but neglecting marketing will lead to no business at all. This is where the automation side of things provides immense value to your agency. Sending emails that respond to or anticipate the user’s needs is great customer service, but who actually has time for that? Automating these types of interactions allows your agents to be more productive and your customers to feel cared for. 

Even if your user does not convert at that moment, trigger emailing increases your brand awareness. If you’re looking to buy a new product, will you buy it from the site whose only goal is their bottom line? Probably not. You’re more likely to order from the company who sends you a happy birthday message, or shows you a related product to help you based on your browsing habits. Using triggers for events like this allows you to build better relationships and set your agency up for long-term success. 

Start Using Triggers With AMI Today

Now all of this sounds great, but if you’re wondering where to begin we’ve got your back. We are already working for you on day one with a myriad of automated marketing triggers set up and ready to go. There is no guesswork on where to start, and the moment you’re signed up with AMI they will begin. All of our triggered marketing emails have your agency’s brand front and center. They are mobile-friendly and run automatically in the background while you focus on your daily business. This is a no-brainer for your agency and will build better relationships, increase productivity, and establish your brand’s awareness with your customers. 

edit screen for automated trigger marketing email and example of the final email

If you’re not a Newton customer already, we’d love to talk to you about how we can help bring your agency brand to life. If you’re a Newton customer who isn’t on AMI, call us today. We are eager to tell you about all the benefits you’re missing out on, including automated marketing triggers.

Our customer support is eager to talk to you and kick off you and your customer’s summer fun. So grab those swim trunks, because it’s time to par-tayyyy. Responsibly of course.