We all know keeping in continual contact with customers can be tedious. Your customers need your undivided attention for emergencies or account adjustments. But, between this and your daily tasks, when are you going to find time to build stronger relationships with them? I need you to go ahead and unfurrow that brow, because that’s where Access My Insurance (AMI) comes in. Within AMI is a robust Ready-Made Email Library that is going to be your new favorite feature. You have access to a plethora of curated emails that allow you to keep in touch with your customers without spending any of your valuable time. All of these emails were created with a “set it and forget it” attitude so you can get back to the things that need your immediate attention.

Consistent Email Communication is Imperative

As we mentioned in our previous post on marketing automation, email is a powerful tool. It can be accessed by customers wherever they are, and in fact, half the global population uses email.  Younger generations are using it even more with millennials averaging 6.4 hours a day scrolling through their inbox.

It is one of the easiest ways to connect with prospects or new customers because it is typically not your first interaction with them. You could be following up from a referral, sending a newsletter after they subscribe, or responding to a current customer. However it started, email is where it’s going. Although you may have the occasional in-person meeting or quick phone call, most of your agency-to-customer communication will be via email. 

The thing is, if all you do is follow up when something bad happens, that isn’t going to be a good relationship. Any healthy relationship involves consistent communication about the good, the bad, and the ugly. The other is more like a firefighter who comes to help then leaves. You’re thankful for them, but for the next fire if it’s a different person, who cares? Don’t be the firefighter, be the friend who’s presence matters.

As an AMI customer, you have access to tons of curated ready-made emails already set up for you. Some are set based on triggers like “Personal Line Expires in 30 Days,” while others are based on events or dates like holidays or a rainy (and maybe hail-stormy) day. In addition to this, we provide you the tools to look at reports and get measurable data for everything, so you’ll always know how an email or campaign is preforming. You’ll be able to follow open rates, click rates, and understand engagement with every email you send.

Set it and Forget it. Customer Communication is Easy as Pie…

We are partial to apple. If you’re feeling the pressure, take a seat and have a slice. Our ready-made emails are set up faster than your sneaky sister can steal a bite. More communication doesn’t automatically mean more work for you. All of our ready-made emails just need to be turned on and away they go. You’ll find almost anything you can think of that could benefit your agency. This includes things like out of office notices, upcoming holidays (we see you July 4th), or events like telling your customers about our new customer mobile app

If you haven’t heard already, we just launched a customer mobile app for our AMI users! (Hooray!) With the digital landscape primarily growing on mobile, this is the fastest and easiest way to securely send documents and message customers. It allows you to increase your agency’s productivity by taking some of the legwork out of the process, literally. It also adds another simple layer of communication to foster your relationships with your customers.

This is a great example to use. You know it would benefit your customers to use the mobile app, and want to let them know it is available to them. We already have a ready-made email ready for you to send in just a few clicks. You’ll even be able to see the many other events or instances we already have content created for you.

Set Up Any of Our Ready-Made Emails in Seconds

Try it for yourself. Sign in to your Access My Insurance dashboard and follow these steps. You’ll be ready to go in no time.

  1. In the “Notifications” menu item, select “Notification List.” 
  2. Within the filters, change the “Status” drop down to “Created Email Notifications.” 
  3. Find the email titled “Our Customer Mobile App is Available.”
  4. Adjust the date to when you would like it to go out, and scroll to “Save and Send”

Interface of Access My Insurance Automate Email

And that’s it. Congratulations. You’re on your way to becoming a communication and marketing pro. If you haven’t already set this email to send, do so now for practice. These types of blasts can go out at any time, and you can scroll through the list of ready-made emails to see all the content we’ve curated for agencies just like you. We are always thinking about new ideas and continually add valuable content for you.

Feel Tha Pow-ah With Curated Content!

Harness the immense power that AMI gives you to cultivate better customer relationships using our ready-made emails. Just think about it, instead of stressing you could be enjoying that slice of pie in the shade. Just don’t forget the ice cream! 

Quick set up and curated email content is one of the many benefits of Access My Insurance. If you’re not already signed up, call us today at 800-990-1983 or schedule a demo. We would love to tell you more about how it can help bring your agency brand to life. 

If you’re not a Newton customer, contact us today so we can tell you how you can run your agency better with Newton.