We have many exciting updates to Access My Insurance! Our mobile-friendly web portal, AccessMyInsurance.com, is fully integrated with Newton. We have curated this platform to meet the needs of every user type, and help you grow your agency with ease. The portal allows you to securely exchange messages, documents, and texts with your customers. It also includes email marketing, electronic signature, and certificates of insurance features.

When you sign in to AMI you’ll be greeted with a whole new experience. You’ll notice all the visual updates instantly, but we also focused on how to make our product more intuitive. We’ve reorganized a few things, added some others, and allowed for a more customized and branded platform for you and your clients. We also took a look at the logic behind how things were set up to create a platform that is easy to navigate and use from day one.


Check out our overview videos by selecting the user type you want to learn more about:

We are here for you, and committed to help you grow your business. Call us or schedule a demo today. Let us show you how you can run your agency better with Newton.