In growing your business the temptation is to spend a lot of time, and sometimes a lot of money, to jump start things. Ever heard that old adage, “You’ve got to spend money to make money.” That isn’t always the case. Within Access My Insurance (AMI) we have built-in tools that let you make incremental changes to your business practices and see massive financial results. 

If you’ve ever heard of Lean’s Startup methodology you will recognize the “build-measure-learn” feedback loop. The goal is to build something small, test it out, measure the results, and if they are positive you continue building in that direction. Don’t make expensive sweeping decisions with no data to guarantee it’s worth. We’ve already taken care of the “build” and the “measure” steps in this process, so all you have to do is learn and grow. Let us show you a few small changes in the way you use AMI that will dramatically increase your bottom line with little effort on your part.


Real-time data to bring home the bacon.

We are rolling out a powerful reports where you can track and analyze all your data in one place. Don’t worry about outdated or missing information. AMI is fully integrated with Newton and runs queries with every page load, syncing all your information instantly. Make informed and timely decisions about your agency, by seeing what is working and what should be tweaked.

In addition to this, when you first sign in to AMI we have a snapshot of your data front and center. You have the ability to make good decisions, backed by real data, to easily grow your business.

website page mock up of customer dashboard


Less work means more time to roll in the dough.

All of the minutia adds up quickly. Even things like sending emails or keeping up with current customer renewals adds time to your workload. AMI saves each employee hours a week, which gives them time to focus on growing your business. Use AMI to streamline your workflows and take care of tasks that don’t need your personal attention.


Ready-made marketing to make that moolah.

The first thing that customers notice is how you present yourself. We provide you with a branded agency website that has your logo, colors, and content. Developed to work across all digital devices, your site will look professional and serve the needs of your customers from anywhere. In our increasingly digital world, online presence is imperative. We make it easy to set up and put your best foot forward. 

Website mock up on laptop, tablet, and phone

There is no doubt that communication is key when it comes to marketing and growing your business. Because of this we have carefully curated email marketing content that is ready to go from day one. Just choose the send date and go! Every email starts with your logo, reinforcing your brand and continuing to establish trust with your customers.

This tool is key in growing your business. Access automatically triggered emails that makes sure no customer gets overlooked. We use email marketing to encourage cross selling, keep up with policy renewals, and ask for referrals. Never miss those crucial selling opportunities with your customer again. In addition to this, we have automatic birthday and holiday emails to continue the conversation even when there is no crisis. This is not an exhaustive list of what we have to offer, but a snapshot of how we can help without adding extra work to your plate. Ultimately our goal is to automate and empower you to build and maintain healthy relationships with your customers.

website page mock up of manage email page

A few quick clicks to get that cheddar.

So before you try big campaigns to make that money move, try a little experiment first. See how dramatically these small changes can boost your bottom line. If you aren’t using AMI then contact us today to start growing your agency. You’ll be rolling in the Benjamins in no time.