Are you ready to “spring” forward?

It’s a good time of the year to clean up workflows and make sure valuable client information is being entered into Newton!

  • Standardize workflows and processes in your office by creating Event Templates. Event Templates can organize a start-to-finish process defined in a series of steps to complete a task in Newton. This not only gets all users accountable for following specific procedures but as each step is completed, an Activity is attached to the step that links back to the action used to complete the step. Utilize Newton Add-On Client Data Cleanup Reports for an exported list and get your client’s data as complete as possible for servicing and marketing benefits.
  • Is valuable client information like email addresses, cell phone numbers, and birthdays being entered consistently in Newton?

There are never additional charges for continued education and training, so email us at today to get more information on these features.

Are you communicating effectively with your clients?

Market research indicates 52% of consumers prefer to be contacted via text, 86% by email or secure messaging, and 53% will try to find their answers on a website or web portal. Access My Insurance offers all three of these options and more!

  • Provide clients with a web-portal for self-service 24/7.
  • Communicate via text with on-the-go clients.
  • Securely exchange sensitive documents and information.
  • Keep your agency in front of clients using marketing drips and email communications.

Bring your brand to life with Access My Insurance and contact sales at 800.990.1983 today!