Is your office working as efficiently as you’d like?

Here are 2 key servicing features that will reduce data entry and streamline a complex process:

  • Carrier Downloads in Newton are like none other. Aside from downloads for Policies, Commission Statements, and eDocs, Newton also supports XML Claims Downloads, and we have certified 75 carriers for Claims, and are continuing to add to that list. Utilizing carrier downloads not only saves time, it ensures that the data in Newton is 100% accurate.
  • Certificates of Insurance batch email processing, will not only email hundreds of holders the ACORD Certificate, but Newton allows PDF documents required by the holder, to be attached. File attachments can be added directly to the form, directly to the holder, or a combination of both. Second to none, this feature in Newton has taken a process that normally would take hours, down to minutes.

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What good are features without growing your agency?

Get more customers, and sell more policies by Marketing email drips to your existing clients by using Access My Insurance (AMI). AMI is fully integrated with your Newton database, so no cumbersome exporting and importing client list into a 3rd-party marketing product. As client and policy data is changed in Newton, the email drips in AMI will always pull the latest information.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Marketing drips based on clients with one policy class but not another
  • Marketing drips based on clients without a specific policy class
  • Marketing drips based on clients with based on age
  • Marketing drips based on lost clients

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