As we get back to work from the holidays we want you to know we appreciate your business and wish you a successful and happy 2021.

2020 brought us:

For the complete Newton release notes, click here.

To schedule the Newton update for your office, email us at

Additionally, we have taken on Amazon Cloud and Workspaces to provide the most reliable, secure remote office solution in the industry, and is fully managed by Agency Systems.

Due to evolving privacy and health concerns, we delivered Access My Insurance (AMI) which incorporates the most demanded features of most agencies such as E-Signatures, Secure Sharing of documents, Texting, Automated drip email including cross-selling, renewal notifications, holiday hours, disaster alerts and more.

AMI will continue to be developed and enhanced with new features, most are user-requested enhancements.

Expected to be released in late Spring 2021, platform enhancements for Newton to the MariaDB database engine will be a significant evolution and to future enhancements.

For more information, please contact sales at 800.990.1983.