I can’t believe that it’s been almost five months since we touched base to let you know what we’ve been up to at Agency Systems. We’ve been hard at work building new features and tools to make your life easier and here’s a quick update.

As you know, we merged with Connect Technologies on July 1st, 2019. This merger doubled the size of Agency Systems and gave us the opportunity to grow in new ways. Through the merger, we significantly increased our software development capacity and inherited their expertise with the cloud. These new skills have taken root, are showing growth and will soon be in full bloom.

You can see some of the fruits in our new web portal at AccessMyInsurance.com. The portal is available in our digital bundle and already includes secure messaging, secure document sharing, secure texting, email marketing, web forms, certificates of insurance and electronic signatures. Over the next few months, we’ll be adding a mobile app, producer portal, electronic payments (through ePayPolicy) and a CRM. We believe that we’re pulling together all of the features that you need and fully integrating them with Newton. This should save you time and money to make you more effective in serving your customers and running your business.

We’re also seeing our Cloud expertise take off. We launched Newton in the Cloud about six months ago and we’re onboarding new agencies every week. This service allows you to move costly and burdensome IT infrastructure (servers, operating systems, computers, firewalls, backups, etc.) from your office to the cloud. We partnered with Amazon Web Services to build a simple, secure and reliable solution for your agency. All you’ll need to connect to your cloud system is an inexpensive desktop, laptop, chromebook or tablet and an internet connection.

I hope you see that, even though we’ve been quiet, we are trying to make some noise in the industry. We’re working hard to be better at what we do every day so that we can provide you with the best computer systems and service available. Stay tuned. We plan to keep the innovations coming.

If you’d like to talk, please call or email. We’d love to schedule a time to give you a demo and get you set up to take advantage of these new features.