How much is a customer opinion worth to you?

We are always working to give our customers the products they need, and many tools they didn’t know they wanted. That means we are always searching for new ways to improve. Whether you come to us in need of an agency management system, automated marketing, 24/7 customer web portal, or any of the other capabilities we offer, we are committed to helping you grow your agency. Want to know what our customers think about us? We asked Ivy Sunderland from Sunderland Insurance to provide some honest feedback about working with our team. Sunderland Insurance is out of New Mexico, and has been our customer for 20+ years.


Can you tell us a little about your agency’s background?

“Our agency was founded in 1947 by Jean and Archie Sunderland, and was passed to their son George when they passed away in 1998. We are now on our 3rd generation of Sunderlands who still own and operate the agency today.”


How did you hear about us?

“We were one of the first agencies to sign up with Agency Systems back in the 90’s when things started going digital, and have been with AS ever since. When AMI became available, the people at AS reached out to us to give us a demo to see if we were interested. It was a no brainer as many of the things offered were exactly what we were needing in this new digital landscape.”


What issues were you facing before you started doing business with us?

“Our main issue before AMI was not having access to a reliable e-sign platform.”


Why did you decide to begin using AMI?

“The e-sign program and the SMS text messaging were what really sold us.”


How was your experience transitioning to using our product?

“As I mentioned, we have been using AS for as long as I have been here, so no transition there. The AMI transition was smooth and provided us with valuable tools to allow us to streamline our internal workflow.”


How did AMI help you solve the issues you were facing?

“Our e-sign procedure was tedious before AMI- the program shortened the process allowing us to save time and increase productivity. We also had issues using our personal phones to text customers who were more responsive to text messages. AMI gave us a tool that would keep our personal phone numbers private while still allowing us to communicate via text.”


What are your most used/favorite features of AMI?

“Definitely the e-sign capability and text messaging”


What are some of the most noteworthy parts about working with us?

“Customer service and support has always been top notch. The process of website design was seamless and simple given the task! So THANK YOU for that!”


Thanks Ivy, we love working with Sunderland Insurance!

If you aren’t already one of our valued customers, contact us today. We want to show you how we are able to meet your agency’s needs and help you to grow your business. With Access My Insurance you’ll enjoy all the features Ivy mentioned at your fingertips: e-signatures, text messaging, automated email marketing, access to policies and attachments from any device, in-depth KPIs with autogenerated calculations of retention and net-new business production, and more.

Want to see it for yourself? We have a free, self-guided live demo you can visit and experience how easy Access My Insurance is to navigate. Check out all the tools that are helping Sunderland Insurance to thrive with Access My Insurance and see how you can be the growth leader in your market—what are you waiting for?

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