In an effort to protect you and your agency, we want to highlight a cyber threat that you may face in the coming weeks. The most common way for a cyber threat to reach your agency is through email. Often, scammers will include malicious links or attachments in emails that look harmless. To protect yourself and your agency, please don’t 1) reply, 2) click links or 3) open attachments in email messages from unknown senders that may reference “Coronavirus”, “COVID-19” or related terms in the subject or body of the email message.

On another note, if you would like to give your staff the ability to work remotely, we can help.  We can provide you with an Amazon Web Services based desktop as a service solution to move your staff’s desktop computers to the cloud.  This will give your team the ability to work anywhere, anytime, from a variety of devices. Call us today at (979) 260-9702 to find out more.