Responsive Design

The web portal automatically adapts to the user’s browser and device to provide the best user experience.

Secure Messaging

Securely send and receive messages with customers. Messages are automatically stored in Newton and can also be viewed and sent from Newton. Messages are grouped in conversations in AMI. Email notifications are sent when new messages are available.

Secure Text Messages

Securely send and receive text messages with customers. Your agency is assigned a unique text number. You can view, reply and send text messages in AMI or Newton.

Secure Document Sharing

Securely send and receive documents with customers through AMI. You can publish existing documents or upload new documents through Newton or AMI. All documents are all stored in Newton.

Email Marketing

All of the tools you’ll need to set up seasonal, holiday, renewal, cross selling, and other no touch email marketing campaigns. Your contacts will receive professionally-branded emails from you that will keep you engaged with your customers at the right time.


Provide customers with a way to view their policy information online.

Electronic Signatures

Prepare and send documents to anyone for secure data entry and electronic signature.


Provide a way for customers to view and print certificates, add new certificate holders, and download schedules (drivers, vehicles, properties and equipment) online.


What’s coming next?


Web Forms

Add your custom forms to the web portal. You can merge data from Newton into your form and finish entering the data. Your data is merged into your form!

Mobile App

The mobile app will give you and your customers the ability to receive notifications and view messages on your phone.

Producer Portal

A full portal for producers that is integrated with Newton and provides access to diaries, submissions, forms, customers, policies, schedules, attachments, claims and email.

Electronic Payments

A place for customers to view and pay outstanding balances through ePayPolicy.