Don’t be a hostage to your current system vendor any longer.

Newton is committed to unparalleled training and support, including superior ongoing education. You will never realize the promise of quality agency automation without a caring, committed and long-term automation partner. As your partner, Agency Systems is continually investing in your success.

You are presented with a road map for your transition to Newton that is organized and efficient. Our onboarding process provides all the critical steps for a successful transition.

Step 1: Implementation Meeting

During this meeting, our Customer Success Manager will go over all of the steps involved in getting you and your team up and running with Newton.

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Step 2: Installation

The first step is getting your Newton installed. Our technicians will handle the installation on your server or coordinate with your hosting provider.

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Step 3: Data Conversion

Data from your old system may be converted to Newton, and we have a conversion team dedicated to that process. Because you have the opportunity to train using your converted data, you will retain more due to its familiarity. Because you will have another conversion before going live, you will have the opportunity to identify and clean up issues from your old system.

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Step 4: Prepare For Training

Once the initial conversion is placed on your server, your trainer will work with you to establish a schedule. Training will consist of Overview sessions covering the basic navigation and functionality of Newton, and Review sessions providing you with specific workflows and process instruction.

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Step 5: Live Training

Both training and support work with you in a coordinated effort as you go live with the system. We understand the anxiety of your first weeks and months on a new system and we are here to help whenever you need it. You are not on your own, and there is no limit to the assistance you have access to.

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Step 6: Downloading

Newton will download information directly from participating carriers into your management system. Since downloads happen in real time, your trainers will be at your side as they come in.

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Support and Continued Education

From installation to post live support, our team is anxiously awaiting your call or email.

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“She Is One Very Patient and Thorough Employee”

“She is one very patient and thorough employee” Good afternoon, I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I appreciate your associate Jennifer. I have to say, she is one very patient and thorough employee, she is always willing to answer “any” of my crazy questions and […]


“She Goes That Extra Mile and Gives 110%”

“She goes that extra mile and gives 110%” To whom it may concern: Please note that the last few days and many other times Jennifer has helped me with Newton, I was in tears and was overwhelmed. She made it seem so easy, not only is she a great instructor […]


“Neptune 9 Is Awesome!”

“Neptune 9 is awesome!” Good Morning Crystal, I am so pleased with the change to Neptune 9 – it is everything you said it would be. I am very glad to have the additional resources that come with them and the speed and customization of the private server is a […]


“Wonderful And Very Helpful Support In Learning The Processing Of Direct Bill Commission Statements”

“Wonderful and very helpful support in learning the processing of Direct Bill Commission Statements.” Kimberly has been a wonderful and very helpful support in learning the processing of Direct Bill Commission Statements. She is patient, explains well, quick to respond and provides resource links, pages as attachments, screenshots and such […]


“Always There For Me With Any Question Or Problem”

“She was, and is, always there for me with any question or problem.” Subject: Help on Agency Management System Good Morning, I wanted to end the year with a BIG shout out for Kimberly M. Crenshaw!!! Our agency lost our bookkeeper this year, and without Kim’s help and knowledge of […]

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