Newton provides the most comprehensive reporting anywhere with reports that are easy-to-use and quick to run. With reporting appropriate for any size business, you get exactly what you need. Newton has easy to follow Wizards along with advanced features like a quick index and email, word processing and spreadsheet access. With Newton, you can control your information.

To run a report, simply select the options you need from windows all packaged in a similar way. When you learn to use one report you can use them all, even with customized detail. Whether you want a full line by line accounting of information, a quick summary of totals or anything in between, Newton has it with the click of a mouse.

Where appropriate, you have the option to do more than just preview and print reports. An expiration list, for example, can be merged with form letters to clients with the criteria you specify such as policy numbers, dates and CSR names.

Marketing Queries help you target clients with or without specific types of policies, or policies of one line, but not another for up-selling package policies. You can report clients by: line of business, effective dates, carrying company, new business renewals, expirations, CSR, producer, contact birthdays, locations and more.

Automatic Reports allow you to set up a group of reports once and run them every day or month. There is a report suited to your needs that is easy-to-use and understand.

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