Here are just a few of the integration and cloud hosting opportunities with Newton.
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Cloud Services

Newton is designed to run on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems and is works equally well in your local office or with cloud hosting. Cloud hosting provides a terminal server connection in a secure cloud data center that is accessed over your internet connection, and is available in a shared or dedicated server configuration. With cloud hosting, backups are completed automatically each night for Newton data and user profile folders. With both local and cloud hosting, your data is completely under your control and can be moved at any time.

Cloud Hosting

Newton Cloud Dedicated

EDI Concepts Data Conversions

A conversion is the process of taking your existing management system data and migrating it to Newton by Agency Systems. Given the different data structures and entry methods of both systems your conversion will focus on primary areas of need in the insurance industry. You have the opportunity to train using your converted data, which enables your staff to retain more due to its familiarity. You will have a second conversion immediately before going live, providing the opportunity to identify and clean up issues from your old system prior to your live date.


Qualcorp FormsPlus XML Bridge

Newton integrates with FormsPlus from Qualcorp for the wholesale/General Agent market. After rating and quoting a policy with either web based or local rating programs, if the retail agent requests the coverage be bound, FormsPlus will send the information into Newton. This integration will create the policy, insured, invoice, and down payment automatically. Endorsements and Cancellations can also be handled in this manner, so your office has a streamlined integrated package from the initial quote, through policy issuance, including accounting.



Comparative Raters

  • AccuAuto
  • ACS2000
  • Evolution (Capital Rating)
  • EZ Lynx
  • IBQ
  • ITC Turborater
  • PL Rating / Silverplume (Vertafore)