ACORD forms are the standard for policy communication across the insurance industry. Newton’s implementation of ACORD forms will enable your insurance agency to conduct business more efficiently.

Features include:

  • Clean and easy-to-use familiar presentation. When renewing a policy simply select which forms to update with new term and interest holder information from the prior term. Form history is retained in a sequential manner to allow you to view policy changes through the life cycle of the policy.
  • Data conduits between forms allow you to share information from one form to another to reduce re-entry.
  • Policy download creates forms based off download information from your insurance companies. These forms include popular Personal and Commercial lines of business.
  • Policy interest holder management provides the ability to place multiple interests on a single form. You can create a base form then create individual descriptions per policy interest, reducing the amount of time to service the policy.
  • You can leave and return to ACORD form pages without your losing work, allowing you to lookup information or handle a client call.
  • Automatically electronically sign forms by producer.
  • Batch print, fax or email forms in a single transmission along with activity tracking.
  • Forms are sent in an industry standard PDF file.
  • Free form fields allow for full usage of the space provided.
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