Newton’s Memowriter combines word processing with mail merge, email, client communications and policy management. Memowriter is easy to use with little or no training for anyone familiar with Microsoft Word or Wordpad.

    • Run reports—such as policy expirations—and merge with form letters to make monthly mailings faster and easier than ever imagined.
    • Email prefilled memos to clients and carriers directly from your management system using your contact list.
    • Quickly and easily create custom templates such as renewal notices, policy change confirmations, etc. Form letter templates can be locked to prevent accidental alterations.
    • Integrated with suspense and follow-up for upcoming renewals, ticket drop off dates and other reminders.
    • Emails generated in Newton are processed with Outlook. Create a certificate, electronically sign and email with a simple process. All emails are date and time stamped, saved in the Client/Policy folder and can be replied to, forwarded, etc.
    • Incoming emails can be dragged directly to a client or policy. Searchable descriptions are available for future lookup. Newton has a unique filter to search emails or attachments using descriptions contained in the body of the email.
    • Attachments such as DEC pages, quotes from carriers, loss runs, etc. can be scanned directly to a policy, drag and dropped on a client or policy file and can be browsed.
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