“At Agency Systems, we have talented people passionate about building and supporting great management software. We aren’t afraid to be awesome!”

~R.H. Bud Allen, Director

Who we are

Agency Systems began creating management software in 1985 and has been under the same ownership since. While other vendors have come and gone, we thrive because we embrace the technology employed by Fortune 1000 companies rather than the expedient and least expensive. Our success is the result of long-term, visionary thinking.

What we do

We create innovative agency management software that is used by commercial and personal lines retail agencies, General Agents and brokers nationwide. With Newton, they can manage their business better. Our software is designed to empower agencies to work smarter and more efficiently driving greater profits and productivity.

Why we do it

We strive to improve the way agencies do business so they can manage their bottom line better. Our goal is to simplify and streamline the way every day tasks are completed so our customers can focus on exceptional customer service and growth opportunities.

Our Standards

Make it better

There is always room for improvement

We aren’t perfect, but we strive to be. Newton is a dynamic software system that is constantly evolving. We spend a lot of time talking to our customers to discover how we can improve our product resulting in a better user experience and a more powerful way of doing business.

Never stop learning

Challenge yourself

Agency Systems fosters a culture of learning and teamwork. Software is a dynamic and fast-paced industry. We stay informed so that we can provide the best software solution to our customers. Our commitment to knowledge and collaboration drives our product innovation and excellence.

Ask more questions

Demand better answers

We are a group of creative thinkers who like to challenge ordinary thinking. It’s important for Newton to evolve with a purpose. Iterations should be intentional and well thought out. We call it pragmatic craftsmanship.

Keep it real

People are people

Everyone deserves respect, transparency, and honesty and that’s how we treat them. We don’t believe much in titles either. We see ourself as one big team working together to provide the best insurance agency management software in the world.

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Customer Feedback

“Wonderful And Very Helpful Support In Learning The Processing Of Direct Bill Commission Statements”

“Wonderful and very helpful support in learning the processing of Direct Bill Commission Statements.” Kimberly has been a wonderful and very helpful support in learning the processing of Direct Bill Commission Statements. She is patient, explains well, quick to respond and provides resource links, pages as attachments, screenshots and such […]


“Always There For Me With Any Question Or Problem”

“She was, and is, always there for me with any question or problem.” Subject: Help on Agency Management System Good Morning, I wanted to end the year with a BIG shout out for Kimberly M. Crenshaw!!! Our agency lost our bookkeeper this year, and without Kim’s help and knowledge of […]


“None Of You Probably Know How Much I Appreciate Your Help”

“None of you probably know how much I appreciate your help” Subject: Thank You … all who are in the Customer Service Dept. I just got off the phone with Faith who helped me with one of my many accounting challenges, and it occurred to me that none of you […]


“As A Trainer, She Was Great”

“As a trainer, she was great.” Subject: Newton Agency System – Trainer In this day and age, we get much correspondence about problems so when I can send a commendation that is wonderful. I just wanted to congratulate Melanie Davis, as a trainer she is great. We have been working […]


“Job Easier With Every Meeting We Have”

“Job easier with every meeting we have.” Melaine, We do have alerts for premium change and cancelations. I have discovered how to make the clients inactive if they don’t have any active policies at the time also. The downloads are working great and are such a time saver. So glad […]

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