Lola Insurance Marketing Integration for Newton

Lola is a provider of turnkey automation tools for insurance agencies like yours. Lola offers the most complete and cost-effective automated insurance marketing product in the industry. It is designed by insurance professionals to automate cross-selling, customer and prospect management, targeted marketing with ready-to-go content and more.

Lola Systems

  • Prospects and Customers
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Personalized Landing Pages
  • Custom Design Templates
  • Reporting and Accountability


Our development team has created a set of integration tools specifically designed for Lola. You now have an automated way to reach your clients and prospects with quality content on a continuing basis to maximize retention and coverage opportunities, recover lost business, and prospect for new business at pennies per year per client.

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We are excited to offer this integration opportunity with Lola. Click here to learn more about how to get started with Lola today!

Newton Summer 2018 Update Release Preview

The Newton Summer 2018 Update is the next major version of Newton by Agency Systems. The update enhances critical portions of Newton such as Download, Email, Activity, Forms, Accounting, and more. The update extends the functionality of these critical areas of Newton by connecting valuable E&O activity items to the source action items, providing an easy-to-follow workflow for all agency personnel.

The Newton Summer 2018 Update is scheduled for general availability by the end of the Summer 2018.

Newton Summer 2018 Update Feature Highlights
What is the Newton Release Preview Program?

The Newton Summer 2018 Update is now available as part of our Newton Release Preview Program. Although the release may not be feature-complete, we offer early access to participating agencies. Participation in the release preview program entirely optional and free of charge. See the information block at to the top of the release notes to get started.

“I Am So Excited To Save Money And Get A Better System”

“I am so excited to save money and get a better system.”

I wanted let you know that Crystal did an outstanding job promoting Newton to our agency. She was persistent, but very polite and knowledgeable. She also was very patient and quick to answer all my questions and put me in contact with other agents so I could make an informed decision. I was very hesitant to switch to Newton, because you are very unknown in our area . Even with the price advantage I was very nervous, but Crystal stuck with me. We are excited to go with Newton and look forward to doing business with you. […] I am so excited to save money and get a better system. Looking forward to dragging my emails!!

Williamsburg, VA
Agency Systems Client Since 2016