Feature Spotlight: Agency Bulletin

The Agency Bulletin is the optimal place for office announcements made by an office manager. Office lunches, meetings, procedure reminders, outside visitor alerts, or staff birthday messages can all be quickly entered, without leaving Newton.

Feature Spotlight: Agency Bulletin

When a user opens Newton, the Agency Bulletin is automatically displayed.

Agency Bulletin
Agency Bulletin

Select Edit or Open to view the full details of the bulletin. Users with security can quickly make edits, and select Okay to save any changes.

Agency Bulletin Edit
Agency Bulletin Edit

If the Agency Bulletin is edited during the day, the Agency Bulletin text is automatically updated with the User Dashboard for each Newton user.

The Agency Bulletin is one simple example of how Agency Systems focuses on the procedures and tasks everybody uses every day.

The Agency Bulletin is included in the Newton Spring 2017 update. General availability of the spring update will be announced soon.

“Training This Morning Was Phenomenal”

“Training this morning was phenomenal.”

The Agency Systems’ training this morning was phenomenal. I must say Melaine really took us to another level. She offered to do one on one for about 30 minutes once a week to help in clearing up dashboards and getting the data in our systems accurate and up to date. I believe one of the biggest takeaways from the training today is working our dashboards, keeping a flow in the diary using the timestamp and keeping it open until it is completely resolved. I know she appreciate the team coming together this morning utilizing all that knowledge she has to make our agency even better.

Thanks Melaine!!!!

Columbia, SC
Agency Systems Customer Since 2009

User Preferences and Customizations

The Newton by Agency Systems design focuses on anticipating what users might need to do, and ensures that the interface has elements that are easy to access, understand, and use to facilitate those actions. Even with an intuitive user interface, it is important to provide a flexible list of options based on the unique needs of each user.

With the latest release of Newton, there are a number of new user preferences which can be modified to work best with the unique workflows that each user follows every day. The new expanded user preferences were designed to improve flexibility and accessibility for our diverse range of customers.

How do I access the user preferences?

Each user can modify a number of options specific to their Newton operator code. Select Other -> Preferences from the main menu.

Newton Wiki Newton Wiki

Can I expand the contacts or policies client bands by default?

Yes. Default band settings are available for the Client Dashboard on the User Options tab. Selected types will automatically expand when the Client Dashboard is loaded.

Policy Express and the Diary interface previously opened as a window instead of a tab. Can this be changed?

Yes. Both the Policy Express and the Diary screens are available as either a full screen top tab, or as a classic pop up window. Select the User Options tab, then select either the Policy Express or Diary screen drop-downs and choose the Tabbed or Windows.

How do I increase the font size within Newton?

There are a number of ways to increase the font size within Newton. Select User Options -> Band font size to increase the font used by the information bands on the Dashboard Tab (User), Client Tab, Management Tab, Company Tab, and more.

For additional font and usability options, see: Usability Options for Agency Systems.

Are there additional options not outlined above?

Yes. The user favorites list is available on the Dashboard Tab, and is specific to the current operator. Additional user preferences are also outlined on the Newton Wiki.

My preferences does not list all of the options pictured above. Do I need an update?

Yes. The options above are included in the latest release of Newton.

I need help understanding some of the new options. Can I schedule a training session?

Yes. Ongoing education with Newton is provided at no charge.

Dashboard Tab – User Favorites List

The user Dashboard Tab was introduced with the July 2013 update to Newton by Agency Systems. The Dashboard Tab was designed to allow the user to work “To Do” items and perform policy service from one central location. All items contained on a user’s Dashboard Tab are specific to the current operator, providing a focused experience without the requirement of running traditional printed reports.

The Dashboard Tab has been enhanced with each release to provide additional features and functionality. The latest version of the user Dashboard Tab includes the enhanced tabbed interface. The new interface includes a fully customizable user favorites list for common reports such as the balance sheet, or other menu items such as reconcile receivables or payables.

Dashboard Tab Favorites

Adding items to the user favorites list is easy.

  1. Select Favorites -> Edit List to choose the desired menu options.
  2. Double-click on each menu to add it to the user favorites list on the left.
  3. Highlight a specific item and select Up or Down to update the order of the list.
  4. When finished, select Save.

Dashboard Tab Edit Favorites

The customized user favorites list is now available from the user Dashboard Tab, providing an even better user-focused method for working within your management system.

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