Newton Summer 2018 Update Release Preview

The Newton Summer 2018 Update is the next major version of Newton by Agency Systems. The update enhances critical portions of Newton such as Download, Email, Activity, Forms, Accounting, and more. The update extends the functionality of these critical areas of Newton by connecting valuable E&O activity items to the source action items, providing an easy-to-follow workflow for all agency personnel.

The Newton Summer 2018 Update is scheduled for general availability by the end of the Summer 2018.

Newton Summer 2018 Update Feature Highlights
What is the Newton Release Preview Program?

The Newton Summer 2018 Update is now available as part of our Newton Release Preview Program. Although the release may not be feature-complete, we offer early access to participating agencies. Participation in the release preview program entirely optional and free of charge. See the information block at to the top of the release notes to get started.

Automatically Create Trust Accounting Reports

The reconciliation functions in Newton provide the ability to generate reports from the archive of processed items. The reconciliation functions can also be configured to automatically create and store .PDF copies of the trust accounting reports as each item is processed.

Automatically create trust accounting reports

The .PDF copies of the automatic trust accounting reports can be stored on the various attachment bands within Newton (Client Tab -> Attachments, Company Tab -> Attachments), or externally in a user-specified folder.

  • Reconcile Producer Payables can optionally email the producer’s .PDF report in addition to placing the .PDF archive in the user-specified Archive folder.
  • These settings apply to both individual reconciles and Batch Reconcile Company/Producer Payables.
  • The automatic actions do not require any additional steps, clicks, or prompts during processing.
Automatically Create Trust Accounting Reports
Automatically Create Trust Accounting Reports
Reconcile functions with automatic actions:
  • Bank Deposit Wizard
  • Bank Reconcile
  • Client Receivables
  • Company Payables
  • Company Receivables
  • Producer Payables (Includes .PDF or email)

Configure invoice reconcile actions

  1. Select AP -> Reconcile Payables.
  2. Select Other -> Select Actions When Reconcile Completes…
  3. Check to enable or disable the different report options. If Save report to archive is selected for any option, select the desired Archive Folder.
    Configure Automatic Actions
    Configure Automatic Actions

    (Each Newton user can have a different archive folder, providing the option to store the files in a secure local folder on the workstation.)

  4. Select OK.

Daily Bank Deposit With Cash On-Hand Account

This video outlines the day-to-day process of accepting cash and check transactions, and creating a single daily bank deposit in Newton by Agency Systems.

Any cash and check transactions received in person are entered into a cash on-hand bank account. The bank account represents any money received by the agency that has not been deposited at the bank. Any electronic funds (EFT) are automatically posted directly to the operating bank account.

NewtonWikiLogo Visit the Newton Wiki for additional details

Client Payment Processing for Direct Bill Policies: Cash Transmittal

This procedure outlines how to receive a client payment on a direct bill policy. This single process will create a cash receipt, and create a check to the direct bill carrier matching the transmittal cash.

If your Agency also charges a fee for processing direct bill payments, use the Cash Payment Fee Wizard to generate the fee invoice with the cash payment on-the-fly.

NewtonWikiLogo Visit the Newton Wiki for additional details

Video: Client Payment Processing for Direct Bill Policies: Cash Transmittal

Create and Process Return Premium Invoice

Cancelling an Agency Bill policy involves:

  • Processing the policy cancellation
  • Creating the cancellation invoice
  • Receiving the return payment from the company
  • Issuing the return premium check to the client

Although some companies will simply credit the accounts current, this process outlines the company payment when a single return premium invoice amount is issued by the company to the agency.

The same steps outlined can also be used for credit endorsements due to a reduced premium.

NewtonWikiLogo Visit the Newton Wiki for additional details

Video: Agency Bill – Cancel a Policy and Payment Processing