Automatically Create Trust Accounting Reports

The reconciliation functions in Newton provide the ability to generate reports from the archive of processed items. The reconciliation functions can also be configured to automatically create and store .PDF copies of the trust accounting reports as each item is processed.

Automatically create trust accounting reports

The .PDF copies of the automatic trust accounting reports can be stored on the various attachment bands within Newton (Client Tab -> Attachments, Company Tab -> Attachments), or externally in a user-specified folder.

  • Reconcile Producer Payables can optionally email the producer’s .PDF report in addition to placing the .PDF archive in the user-specified Archive folder.
  • These settings apply to both individual reconciles and Batch Reconcile Company/Producer Payables.
  • The automatic actions do not require any additional steps, clicks, or prompts during processing.
Automatically Create Trust Accounting Reports
Automatically Create Trust Accounting Reports
Reconcile functions with automatic actions:
  • Bank Deposit Wizard
  • Bank Reconcile
  • Client Receivables
  • Company Payables
  • Company Receivables
  • Producer Payables (Includes .PDF or email)

Configure invoice reconcile actions

  1. Select AP -> Reconcile Payables.
  2. Select Other -> Select Actions When Reconcile Completes…
  3. Check to enable or disable the different report options. If Save report to archive is selected for any option, select the desired Archive Folder.
    Configure Automatic Actions
    Configure Automatic Actions

    (Each Newton user can have a different archive folder, providing the option to store the files in a secure local folder on the workstation.)

  4. Select OK.

Publish ACORD Forms and Attachments to the My Insurance Dashboard Cloud Portal Using Batch Send

Batch Send is a powerful feature that allows you to group Memos, ACORD Forms, and other Attachments together. The selected items can be sent in batch to the printer, fax printer, output as a .PDF, published to the My Insurance Dashboard cloud portal, or sent as an attachment in an email message.

Batch send can be opened from a number of locations and will always be associated with the selected Policy or Quote number.

Selecting the Publish to MyInsuranceDashboard option will upload the documents to MyInsuranceDashboard as a .PDF package. If attachments are included in the selection, the items are published individually from the combined .PDF package.

My Insurance Dashboard Cloud Portal Visit the Newton Wiki for additional details

Video: MyInsuranceDashboard and Batch Send

Easily Add Attachments Using My Newton Online Cloud Hosting

Adding attachments, including documents, images, and emails into Newton is as easy as drag+drop.

For My Newton Online cloud hosting customers using Ajasent, the files must first be transferred from the user’s local desktop, to the remote desktop. After the documents have been transferred, they can be attached in the same manner as a local user.

Video: Adding Attachments Using My Newton Online Cloud Hosting