What is Newton in the Cloud?

In the past, most Newton customers hire a local IT company to install and manage a server, computer(s), firewall, software, antivirus, and backup system. With Newton in the Cloud, we provide all of this equipment, software and services in the Amazon Web Services cloud. All you need in your local office is an internet connection and a simple, thin client (inexpensive computer, laptop, chromebook, tablet or zero client).

Click here to view a PDF diagram to see the difference.

Do I have to purchase Newton in the Cloud?

You do not need to purchase Newton in the Cloud to run Newton. It can be installed on your own network, on a third party hosting provider’s system or in our Agency Systems / AWS cloud.

Is this included in my monthly support fees?

The cost for Newton in the Cloud is not included in the monthly support fees for Newton.

It seems to be expensive, why is that?

The cloud system eliminates the need for you to have servers, computers, firewalls, antivirus, software, technical support, upgrades, backups, etc. in your office. We move all of these to the cloud and provide the IT support you need. We also include Microsoft 365 Business Standard (email and Office apps) licenses.

Does Newton in the Cloud eliminate the need for local IT support?

Newton support will provide most of the IT support that you need with your cloud system. However, you may still need local support for physical hardware issues.

Is it Secure?

This solution is built upon Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. AWS is architected to be the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. Agency Systems will configure your Newton system in its own isolated network where multiple layers of security will protect your data. You will be able to access securely from any location (office, home, coffee shop, airport, etc.) and from a wide variety of computing devices (computers, tablets, etc.). We have partnered with AWS to ensure that we’re using best practices to configure and monitor your cloud system.

What is included?

Your Cloud system will include the following.

  • One Windows Server
  • One Windows Desktop Computer for each user
  • One Microsoft 365 Email Account with Office Apps for each user
  • One FortiMail Email Security license for each user
  • One Bitdefender Endpoint Security license for each user
  • Daily Server and Desktop Computer backups
  • Secure, isolated network on AWS
  • Configured, Monitored and Managed by Agency Systems
  • Newton support

What’s the difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting?

With shared hosting, your Newton server and workstations all share the same computing resources (CPU, memory, disk space, etc.). A dedicated hosting environment, like Newton in the Cloud, includes dedicated computing resources for each server and user.

Click here to view a PDF diagram to see the difference.

What will it take to make the switch?

Once you sign up, we’ll take care of everything. We’ll configure your new cloud system, move your data, and train your users. Then, our Newton support team will be there to provide technical support and continued education whenever you need it.