Good morning Brandon,

These are messages I love to write and sadly they are so few and far between.  When we started the switch from Ajasent to Amazon WorkSpaces I expressed many concerns.  As our first experience with Ajasent took over three months to finally be in working order and several thousands of dollars later.  Mike and yourself gave me your assurances that this would be Ok, and that what happened before should not be the case this time.

It has now been just over a month and things did work out as you said.  We had few bumps along the way but they were resolved quickly.  I just wanted to take a moment and say “thank you” and how impressed I have been during this transition with you and your team.  Wish I knew all the names, especially Chase (?) that helped us with the printer drawers.  We never did get that resolved with Ajasent.   Kudos to all of your team that helped us too.

Best regards,


“You have such a great staff!”

Man I have to tell you that I may put you guys in charge of our hiring.  You have such a great Staff!  I just had the pleasure of working with Lori, her little giggle could make the worst day seem shiny!  Then Andy, and Faith, lets not leave you out of this either.  You all are just good folks.  I have even grown to understand and appreciate Brandon, I just had to realize his sense of humor is not remotely close to mine, that is more than likely because I am a simple man, and I have a sneaky suspicion he has a brilliant mind.

Have a great day Mike!


“She Is One Very Patient and Thorough Employee”

“She is one very patient and thorough employee”

Good afternoon,

I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I appreciate your associate Jennifer. I have to say, she is one very patient and thorough employee, she is always willing to answer “any” of my crazy questions and it really good at explaining things, if things aren’t clear.

I feel you have a great employee on your hands, and wanted to reach and let you know.

Thank you kindly,

Agency Systems Customer Since 2011

“She Goes That Extra Mile and Gives 110%”

“She goes that extra mile and gives 110%”

To whom it may concern:

Please note that the last few days and many other times Jennifer has helped me with Newton, I was in tears and was overwhelmed. She made it seem so easy, not only is she a great instructor she goes that extra mile and gives 110%.

Please take the time to praise her for the continued support that she gives our office.

Thanks so very much

Agency Systems Customer Since 2014

“Neptune 9 Is Awesome!”

“Neptune 9 is awesome!”

Good Morning Crystal,

I am so pleased with the change to Neptune 9 – it is everything you said it would be. I am very glad to have the additional resources that come with them and the speed and customization of the private server is a huge plus. If you ever have a client that wants to talk to someone about their Neptune 9 experience before they make the change, please give them my phone and email, I will be glad to share how good the experience was on behalf of Agency Systems and Neptune 9.

Agency Systems Customer Since 2012

“Wonderful And Very Helpful Support In Learning The Processing Of Direct Bill Commission Statements”

“Wonderful and very helpful support in learning the processing of Direct Bill Commission Statements.”

Kimberly has been a wonderful and very helpful support in learning the processing of Direct Bill Commission Statements. She is patient, explains well, quick to respond and provides resource links, pages as attachments, screenshots and such for referencing as reminders and visual helps. Thumbs up to Kim!

Agency Systems Customer Since 2017

“Always There For Me With Any Question Or Problem”

“She was, and is, always there for me with any question or problem.”

Subject: Help on Agency Management System

Good Morning,

I wanted to end the year with a BIG shout out for Kimberly M. Crenshaw!!!

Our agency lost our bookkeeper this year, and without Kim’s help and knowledge of this system I’m not sure what our agency would have done. She was, and is, always there for me with any question or problem.

I just wanted you to know you are lucky to have such a patient, kind, understanding, knowledgeable and ALWAYS ready to help employee. I cant thank her enough for all her help!!

Happy New Year!

Agency Systems Customer Since 1997

“None Of You Probably Know How Much I Appreciate Your Help”

“None of you probably know how much I appreciate your help”

Subject: Thank You … all who are in the Customer Service Dept.

I just got off the phone with Faith who helped me with one of my many accounting challenges, and it occurred to me that none of you probably know how much I appreciate your help. You all are always so helpful and very kind. So this is just a little thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks for your patience and willingness to take my calls.

Agency Systems Customer Since 2010

“As A Trainer, She Was Great”

“As a trainer, she was great.”

Subject: Newton Agency System – Trainer

In this day and age, we get much correspondence about problems so when I can send a commendation that is wonderful. I just wanted to congratulate Melanie Davis, as a trainer she is great. We have been working now with her for just over a year and her can do attitude and willingness to teach reflects very well on your organization. Service is the cornerstone of our agency and Melanie works with same attitude and promptness that is not often found.

Your other team members Phillip, Brandon and the others that we have known since commencing in 2006 are terrific too and that is why we have been a satisfied client since 2006.

Kindest regards,

Agency Systems Customer Since 2006