“Without her, we would not have achieved our desired goals.”

Dear Manager,

Jennifer is a very skilled and knowledgeable employee. Without her assistance we could not have accomplished the key goals of correcting several problems.
In addition to correcting the problems, she assisted in ways to allow us up to be more efficient and eliminate potential errors and problems with our clients.

We had a difficult project that was trying, tedious, and in some areas led us to uncharted territory.
She patiently helped to push through some rather large obstacles.
Without her, we would not have achieved our desired goals.
In my 40 + years in the insurance business, I have never encountered a non-insurance person who could grasp the accounting side of premiums and commissions,
not to mention various computer programs.

I am so appreciative for all of her assistance and guidance.

She is extremely valuable. I am greatly impressed with all that she brings to the table.

Thank you!

Berryville, VA
Agency Systems Client Since 2016