“Closing the year is four times faster”

Hi Friend! Thank you so much for checking on us and offering help and training. Just don’t know anyone quite like YOUALL!

We’re doing fine and we closed the year, again – “with the greatest of ease”! Closing December and then the year with Newton is four times faster than our old Vertafore system. Also, our year end reports use about one-third the amount of paper compared to the old system.

We are ever so pleased with The Newton System AND IT’S PEOPLE! Take care and the Best to you,

Texarkana, AR
Agency Systems Client Since 2014

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Agency Systems Initial Contact

Good morning,
Checking in with everyone to see if anyone would like a “refresher” Some topics to consider:

Diary management and using all the features
Recently Expired policies to keep policy status up to date and have accurate reports
Forms, Including Certificates
Invoicing – agency bill

Or any topic of your choice – such as Memo Writer templates and saving correctly on clients.

Melaine Davis
Newton by Agency Systems